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Welcome to our Greek School, the Hellenic Centre and Cultural Centre

Our organisations are: The Centre of Hellenic studies, established in 1993 and the Cultural Centre established in 1996.


The 3 Institutions provide lessons and Certificates at all levels in Greek language. The Centre of Hellenic Studies and the Greek Cultural Centre organise activities and community festivities as well as issues a Diploma in all Classical Studies as the only one in the London area. We also run Greek Cooking Lessons and cook Greek diet recipes. Furthermore we provide sewing lessons as well!  

The School is the oldest in the London Borough of Islington.  It was established in 1972 by our honorary director

Dr. Katerina Alexandrou.


In 1996 the school was declared as one of the best supplementary schools in the European Union and on 26/05/06 the BBC  presented a special program devoted to the activities and achievements of our school. We have 4 teachers as well as an Arts Teacher and a Cooking Teacher.